Welcome To The Hogwarts Sorting Hat!

In order to be a student here, you need to be assigned to your house by The Sorting Hat. The four houses you can be sorted into are:




and Slytherin

To be sorted, please comment the answers to the following:

What is your name? (Not your real name. Your character name.)

How old are you? (All ages are excepted.)

Explain yourself in 3 words.

Who is your favorite past Hogwarts student?

Are you brave, thoughtful, quirky, or mischievous?

Favorite color?

What is your favorite Hogwarts subject?

Look out for an update to this page. Every student will be listed here, along with their house.

Remember, no houses are ignored, and all are important.

Students Edit


Valdus Shadowhands

Mackenzie Monreal

Summer Acodams

Charlotte Evans

Katherine Anderson

Aislinn Rose

Katie Smith


Victoria Calimindear

Clarissa Oaklindel

Olivia Ariaga

Lillian Drew

Emmy Sandburg


Bryson Devinair


Sydney Green


Carina Black

Selena Lestrange

Shay Ruan Jackson red

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